I was just on The Chive’s charity site filling in an application for help. I got stuck at the part where I had to show proof of my diagnosis and doctor info. Well my diagnosis is from one doctor, I have an orthopedic doctor, pain doctor and general practitioner. I can only use one doctor and some I haven’t seen for years!

I have this thing called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It affects people in many ways, but my hay is pain and hyper-mobility combined with severe fatigue. The connective tissues in my body don’t grow back. Joints dislocate daily and it does not feel good at all. That is me and I am gonna stop harping on it now.

I try not to ask for charity, but things are getting tough. At first I thought a cool therapy pool would work. Then I started thinking. The bane of my life… thought. I thought about how my room is a disaster area. I risk falling and dislocation a random joint every night to pee. Mom is going on 70 and taking care of her 45 years old son. Our house is falling apart because I can no longer work on it.

My father was a Vietnam vet, Purple Heart. We were lifers in the military. I joined up with the USAF, but my then unknown condition led me to an early medical release with a blown knee. These days, everything is blown.

I am in a good place right now, mom got me plane tickets to go visit home, Germany, in April and I couldn’t be happier. Who am I kidding? I spent ages 5-23 over there. I am ecstatic. I just hope my body holds up for this one last journey. I plan on having my first script finished when I return.

Reading all these inspirational letters on The Chive, seeing people set up gofundme.com accounts for people they don’t even know warms my soul. I read about a sick kid, reach for my wallet… only to remember, Government disability only pays me $635 a month.

I don’t want pity. I want a home, a safe hope. One where a 70-year-old doesn’t have to rake leaves. I want the pain to stop, it wont, but one of those hot-tub/swimming pools sounds like heaven. I am not asking for someone to start an indiegogo or gofundme page. I just wanna get out of bed once in a while, talk to mom and not worry about the house falling.


Was sent this early this morning, Mz. Hyde from Halestorm. The video was directed by Award-winning Filmmaker Daniel E Catullo III and Produced by The City Drive Entertainment Group. The video is a montage of live images captured while out on the European Tour with Alter Bridge.



Evanescence8 This is something I personally didn’t want to hear. Amy Lee is saying it is going to be awhile before they do another album. Hell, it was FIVE years in between The Open Door and the latest self titled Evanescence. That is entirely too long in my opinion as a fan.

Hell, I was inspired to write a novel from the first album, Fallen, and TOD was not that great an album. It felt thrown together with new band members and the split from Ben Moody. The latest album was a step in the right direction, but they need to go back to their roots, well Amy’s roots that is.

If they are going on an extended break, the next album has to be epic. What I would really like to see is a concept album, there have not been many attempts at concept albums in a long while. The last one I really liked was Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime. They tried to capture the magic with Mindcrime 2, but with all the turmoil and line up changes, it was pretty dull and had no hooks.

One of my favorite concept albums of all time has to be Rush’s 2112. Side one was something I would put my late 70’s, huge headphones on and drift away to “ALL PLANETS IN THE SOLAR FEDERATION!”. Yes I am fraking old! Fallen was almost a concept album, but the stories it told didn’t connect. If they did something like Fallen in a concept form, I would be happy for the five year wait.

For more on Evanescence and much more of the summer concert series, check out my new article in Rock Thiz Magazine next month. The big Halloween special issue where I will also be giving away a free autographed Chevelle CD. Rock Thiz Magazine is available in print and now available in digital format from Magster. 

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It is ON!

Just received the conformation for access to the show and press access for Laura Wilde, If ONE more thing falls into place, this will be a great trip.

Also since I found out WordPress is allowing embedding of YouTube video, so that means I will be posting videos. YAY!

Happy now asshat?

Anne Hathaway the Pretty Pussy, as Catwoman on Set of The Dark Knight Rises


Wow! Here kitty titty…umm Kitty. That was a typo but it stays, I like titty better. Boobs is a much better word, but doesn’t go with the theme.


I know I have been nonexistent since I have been busy laying on my ass. I was jolted into writing again by the skintightnessalbeness, my word, of the new Catwoman. Check the link and see more yummy



Anne Hathaway Portrays the Pretty Pussy as Catwoman on Set of The Dark Knight Rises | Egotastic!.

Victoria, Cosplay Girl

Do you like cosplay? Do you like beautiful women? Do you like beautiful women dressed in skin-tight latex Catwoman costumes or dressed as Slave Leia?

If you said no, get outta here ya freak! For the rest of us sane people, I give you Victoria-Cosplay Girl.

Whatever geek fantasy you have, she can dress it.

Check her out at one or all of her web locations, or at a Con near you.


Gaggle of Slave Leias
Here with Adrianne Curry and a geekgasm of Slave Leia 

I have this print signed. Priceless